Background & Legacy

MainLine Investment Partners (“MLIP”) was established in 2011 by an executive team formerly with CMS Companies (“CMS”), including William Landman (since 1987), David Clapper (since 2008), and Richard Mitchell (from 1986 until his retirement in 2021). CMS is a Philadelphia-area firm with a private investment business founded in 1981. Over more than three decades, CMS managed approximately $4.2 billion of equity capital commitments across investment strategies that included direct private equity investments, funds of private equity funds, and direct real estate investments. CMS raised and managed over 60 private equity and real estate funds over its history that included direct investments, funds of funds, and co-investments. The MLIP executive team, along with other investment professionals, continues to lead the management and operations of CMS’s various funds and investments through their ultimate divestment.