MainLine Investment Partners and its affiliates focus on investing in operating businesses and real estate assets, as well as private wealth management and multifamily residential property management.

MainLine Investment Partners’ Family of Companies

MainLine Investment Partners focuses on alternative investments in operating businesses and special opportunity real estate assets. Our investments are typically financed with equity capital contributed by MainLine Investment Partners and certain outside institutional and high net-worth investors from our network.

Merion Realty Partners

Merion Realty Partners (“Merion”) was established in 2011 as a real estate investment and management platform in a spinout of the Real Estate Division of CMS Companies. Merion is dedicated to pursuing and operating investment opportunities for institutional and high net-worth investors.

At Merion Residential, we pride ourselves in providing our residents with the most simplistic, hassle-free rental experiences. From your first meeting with our onsite professional teams, through your tenure living with us, we truly prioritize our residents’ needs and expectations above all else.

Unwavering dedication to our clients, an independent spirit and an investment approach rooted in academia are what set MainLine Private Wealth apart and what define us as an organization. Our firm seeks to provide individuals and families with truly client-centered, comprehensive wealth management services.